The ecosystems is not a tag line. We are committed to collaborating to make decision making efficient & complete   

Working with the brightest & the best

Prof.  Phil Tetlow

Data Science & Ecosystems Wizard and chief innovation officer

IBM - Academy of Technology Vice President

Chief Data Scientist IBM Europe

CTO Data Ecosystems

Peter Bentley

Commercial Offer. Sales Effectiveness & Business Development

CEO Augmented Solutions

MD - Head of Digital (Macquarie)

Partner - Aon (McLagan) Sales Effectiveness

Simon Hogan

Principal Strategies, legal & technology

MD - COO Macquarie

MD - COO Morgan Stanley

Amar Rajani

Disruptor, Data Sales , FinTech & Accelerator

MD - Argella

Bloomberg (20 years)

Head of Product Development & Sales 

Stephen Barrow

Institutional Investor & Buy-Side professional 

CIO - Ironbridge

Head of Global Equities - Deutsche Asset Management

W. Bradford Paley

Visualisation & interface design

Adjunct Associate Professor - Columbia University

Founder Digital Image Design 

MOMA & ARTPORT exhibitor

Heron Tower Bishopsgate London EC2N 4AY

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